SiEG Disinfecting GRP Tunnel for Human, Bag-lines & Goods

Al Saqr Fiberglass Factory Introducing our new disinfecting GRP tunnel. Kills 99.9% germs within seconds. This ecofriendly GRP tunnels effectively used on people’s, bag lines, and goods. You can now create a healthy environment for your employees, visitors, and residents. You can place it in any places like   Shopping Malls Factories and Warehouses Logistics, Couriers & Freight Forwarders Hotels & Resorts Hospitals Airports, Bus & Train Stations Food Processing Industry All Events Beaches & Swimming Pools Enquire Now

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Hemispherical Indoor screen at New York University campus in Abu Dhabi

The GRP Hemispherical Indoor screen at New York University campus in Abu Dhabi is a unique design indigenously developed and fabricated at the Al Saqr Fibreglass factory, based on a concept envisaged by Mr Milan Bogosavljevic. This project was executed by Al Saqr in March 2018. The 3Meter dia hemisphere consists of 4 detachable segments and can be dismantled and reassembled very easily. This enables it to be shifted to different locations without any difficulties. GRP screens are much more durable

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Camel Statue Manufacturers in Dubai UAE

Camels are indeed an integral part of Arab culture and over the years they have been a source for food and travel. Camels can be categorized into two – The Arabian camel with one hump and the Bactrian camel, also known as Asian camel having two humps. The most interesting feature of these animals is their capability to survive in harsh conditions of desert. Their ability to travel long distances up to 190 km distance in a day and store food makes them

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