Camel Statue Manufacturers in Dubai UAE

Camels are indeed an integral part of Arab culture and over the years they have been a source for food and travel. Camels can be categorized into two – The Arabian camel with one hump and the Bactrian camel, also known as Asian camel having two humps. The most interesting feature of these animals is their capability to survive in harsh conditions of desert. Their ability to travel long distances up to 190 km distance in a day and store food makes them

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Welcome to Al Saqr Fiberglass Factory L.L.C

AL SAQR Fiberglass factory L.L.C is one of the leading companies in manufacturing fiberglass products. The company was established in the year 1994 at Sharjah in UAE, and in all these years have proven itself as one of the best in manufacturing Fiber products. They deliver strong and durable fiber products. AL SAQR is specialized in making products associated with construction, transportation, furniture and civil engineering industries. Among their products are the high quality strong fiber tanks, delivery boxes, enclosures, grating, pipes, ducts, covers

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